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Post-Baccalaureate Early Childhood Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement

The Early Childhood Generalist Endorsement is designed as an addition to an earned Early Childhood License, which would allow that candidate to also teach in grades 4 and 5. The program focuses on the unique developmental characteristics of the middle childhood student and teaching methods and strategies to best educate the young adolescent. The endorsement is available to graduate students who possess an Early Childhood License or Bachelor’s Plus candidates who are seeking such a license.

Course Number and Title



EDCI 596 Middle Grades Methods & Assessment



EDCI 597 Middle Grades Philosophy



HIST 239 History of Ohio



MATH 218 Geometry for Middle Grades Teachers


MATH 217

Total Hours

12 hrs.


Candidates must complete 6 hrs. each of the following areas: Science, Social studies, Math & English/Language Arts and pass the state required Elementary Education Content test. Courses from above may be applied to the six hours in each of the four areas.

Primary P-5 B+ ECE Content Course Prerequisites

Courses may be undergraduate or graduate. No time constraints and grade should be C- or above. Should a student not have the following requirements, an equivalent or substitution will need to be approved by the College of Education.


B+ requirements

Language Arts

2 composition courses


1 Literature course


1 Mathematics course 200 or above


3 Natural Science courses (Biology, Botany, Zoology, Ecology, Geology, Physics, Life science, Astronomy, Chemistry, Anatomy, etc.)

Social Studies

3 courses (History, Political Science, Geography, Government, Civics, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc.)

Courses and Descriptions

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