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Undergraduate Finance & Administration

*Veteran Affairs Policy Update: See Addendum

University Fees*

Tuition and fees for students enrolled in an undergraduate campus program for the school year 2021-2022 are:

Tuition Fee*(21/SP and prior returning and new transfer)

Tuition Fee*(20/FA or 21/SP new freshman)

Tuition Fee*(21/FA or 22/SP new freshman/transfer)




Room* (dependent on building/room)


Meal Plan*


Activity Fee ($11/hr. part-time)


Campus Access Fee




* These totals do not include single or paid double room fee, fraternity fee, and special class fees. Special housing such as apartments, suites, and fraternities require a different fee structure.

Undergraduate Campus Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for students enrolled in an undergraduate campus program permits a student to take from 12 to 19 hours each semester. An additional $940 per semester hour is charged for each semester hour in excess of 19 hours. A student taking less than 12 semester hours pays tuition at the rate of $940 per semester hour.

However, non-probationary sophomore, junior, and senior students in the Honors Program may register for up to 21 hours of course credit without paying for the additional hours over the comprehensive fee. The student must have a college GPA of 3.5, so freshmen are not eligible for this. Hours taken beyond the 21-hour limit will be charged at the regular rate.

Accelerated Nursing Program Tuition Fee (4 semesters)

The tuition and fees students enrolled in the Accelerated Nursing Program are:

Tuition (part-time rate $725)


Technology Fee


Course Fees


Total Program Cost


Undergraduate Online Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for students enrolled in an undergraduate online program through the College of Online and Adult Studies permits a student to take courses on a per credit hour basis.

Online BA Business Administration

$550/Cr. Hr.

Online BA Applied Communication

$550/Cr. Hr.

Online BS Criminal Justice

$370/Cr. Hr.

Online BS Multidisciplinary Studies

$550/Cr. Hr.

Online BS Organizational Leadership

$395/Cr. Hr.

Online BS Training and Development

$395/Cr. Hr.

Online AA Criminal Justice

$370/Cr. Hr.

Online AA General Studies

$550/Cr. Hr.

Online AA General Studies w/ a Concentration in Business

$550/Cr. Hr.

Online RN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing

$295/Cr. Hr.

Online RN-Bachelor of Science in Nursing

(Corporate Partnership Only)

$250/Cr. Hr.

Learning Technology Fee

$40/Cr. Hr.

Undergraduate Campus Audit Fee

Courses may be audited for $470/hour. A student may audit a course for no additional fee if the student's course load for that term is within the normal 12-19 hours. However, any hours over 19 would have the additional fee.

Instructional Supply Fee

Some courses have instructional supply or lab fees. These are listed on the Business Office's website at

Room Fee

Below is a list of housing rates for the 2020-2021 year. Rates are shown as semester / year.

Regular Double/Triple-Jacobs, Kilhefner, Clark, Amstutz, & Kem


Regular Double/Triple-Myers, Clayton & Andrews


Regular Single- Jacobs, Kilhefner, Clark, Amstutz, & Kem


Regular Single-Myers, Clayton & Andrews


Paid Double- Jacobs, Kilhefner, Clark, Amstutz, & Kem


Paid Double Myers, Clayton & Andrews


Paid Single- Jacobs, Kilhefner, Clark, Amstutz, & Kem


Paid Single-Myers, Clayton & Andrews


Senior Apartments


College of Nursing Apartments


Clayton Suite


Clayton Suite Paid Single


Fraternity Regular Double


Fraternity Regular Single


USA House Regular Single


Miller/College Avenue Apartments


Residence Hall 2-person Apartments


Activity Fee

An annual fee of $250 is paid by all full-time, on-campus students. For part-time students the fee is $11 per semester hour. This fee provides support for organization programming and student center operation

Graduation Fee

The fee for undergraduate programs is $75. Please note this fee is included in the tuition for Traditional Undergraduate Campus Tuition only. For all other programs including Accelerated Nursing, partnership students, and Undergraduate Online, the fee is in addition to the per credit hour rate. This graduation fee provides for a diploma and other commencement items. This is a one-time fee charged at the time of filing for graduation. No person will be allowed to participate in commencement exercises or receive a diploma if the University account is not paid in full. Students eligible for tuition reimbursement from their employers must have all fees and charges paid in full prior to taking final exams during the last semester before graduation. Contact the Business Office or Registrar’s Office with any questions.


Full-time, on-campus undergraduate students are automatically included in the accident portion of Ashland University's insurance. Because serious illness may occur, Sickness Insurance coverage is mandatory unless proof of individual/family coverage is provided. For more information regarding cost and coverage period, please visit or contact the Student Accounts Office at 419.289.59588.

Enrollment Deposit

Enrollment deposits will be applied to first semester tuition and is non- refundable after May 1 for fall semester or December 1 for second semester.

A full list of fees and charges are available online through the Business Office’s website:

All fees and charges are subject to change at any time by the Board of Trustees.

 Terms of Payment

Tuition and fees are due and payable in full on or before August 15, 2021 for fall semester, and on or before January 3, 2022, for spring semester. Statements will only be mailed in July for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester. Students can access their account information on our CASHNet Portal by logging in through Self-Service,, and clicking the Student Accounts menu.

Interest of 1.5 percent will be charged each month on any unpaid balance from a prior term. Seniors or students eligible for tuition reimbursement from their employers will not be permitted to take final exams in their last semester or take part in commencement until all accounts are clear with the Business Office.

A person’s account must be paid in full before registration becomes valid and before a person can reside in University facilities.

No person may have official transcripts of his or her records until that person’s account is paid in full.

Payment Options

After scholarships, grants, and loans are applied to a student's account, they have the following payment options: payment up front by cash, check, or credit/debit card (service fees may apply). Students may also sign-up for a monthly payment plan.  For more detailed information about account balances, please visit, or go to

Refund Policy

This refund policy applies to students completely withdrawing from school, not simply dropping a class(es). Withdrawal is when an enrolled student withdraws from all classes during the term. Dropping of class(es) is when an enrolled student drops a class (or classes) but is still enrolled for one or more classes in the term.

Withdrawal Policy

Students withdrawing from the University, will be assigned a grade of “W” in courses that are in progress. It is the student’s responsibility to clear all records and obligations to receive official separation.

The official withdrawal form and procedures for filing may be viewed at The submission date of the withdrawal request received by the Registrar’s Office will serve as the official withdrawal date.

Students who decide not to return to Ashland University are responsible for notifying the Registrar’s Office by completing the withdrawal process to avoid tuition and fee liability problems and to release seats to fellow students.

Non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal. If the University is in session, the withdrawal form should be completed with the Registrar’s Office. Failure to do so will delay or reduce any refunds the student may be eligible to receive.

Students who have withdrawn may reapply to the University online by completing the readmit application for admission located on the admissions homepage. However, readmission is not guaranteed.

Return of Title IV Funds/Institutional Refund Policy

This applies to students who withdraw from all classes in a term or are dismissed. Refunds for these students are determined according to the following policy:

  1. The term "Title IV Funds" refers to the federal financial aid programs authorized under the Higher Education Act of 1965 (as amended) and includes the following programs: Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan, Subsidized Federal Direct Loan, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Parent PLUS Loan, Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, and Federal TEACH Grant.

  2. A student's withdrawal date is:

    ·         The date the student began the institution's official withdrawal process or officially notified the institution of intent to withdraw; or

    ·          The student's last date of attendance at a documented academically related activity.

  3. Students who are granted a leave of absence are treated in the same manner as students who withdraw from the university.

  4. Refund Policy for Withdrawn Students:

    ·          Refunds on all charges including tuition, room and board, and special fees will be prorated on a per day basis up to the 60% point in the term. There are no refunds after the 60% point in time. A copy of the worksheet used for this calculation can be requested from the Ashland University Financial Aid Office.

    ·          Title IV, state and institutional aid is earned in a prorated manner on a per day basis up to the 60% point in the term. Title IV, state, and institutional aid is viewed as being 100% earned after the 60% point in time.

    ·          A refund (if there is one) and an adjusted bill will be sent to the student's home address following withdrawal.

    ·          There are no refunds for courses for which a grade of "I" (incomplete) or "IP" (in progress) is received.

In accordance with federal regulations, when financial aid is involved, refunds are allocated in the following order: Unsubsidized Federal Direct Loan; Subsidized Federal Direct Loan; Federal Parent PLUS Loan; Federal Pell Grant; Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant; Federal TEACH Grant; other Title IV assistance; other federal sources of aid; other state, private and institutional aid; and finally, the student.

Ashland University's responsibilities in regard to the return of Title IV funds include:

  • Providing each student with the information given in this policy;

  • Identifying students who are affected by this policy and completing the Return of Title IV funds;

  • Calculations for those students;

  • Returning any Title IV funds that are due the Title IV programs.

The student's responsibilities in regard to the return of Title IV funds include returning to the Title IV programs any funds that were disbursed directly to the student and which the student was determined to be ineligible for via the Return of Title IV Funds calculations.

Appeal Process

A student who has an issue with the billing or financial aid portion of this policy may write a letter of appeal: c/o Director of Student Accounts (billing) or Director of Financial Aid (financial aid), 401 College Ave., Ashland, OH 44805.

 If a student is asked to leave for disciplinary reasons, all rights to adjustments from the tuition and fees are forfeited.

Veteran Affairs

*Veteran Affairs Policy Update: See Addendum

Ashland University will not impose any penalty, including the assessment of late fees, the denial of access to classes, libraries, or other institutional facilities, or the requirement that a covered individual borrow additional funds, on any covered individual because of the individual’s inability to meet his or her financial obligations to the institution due to the delayed disbursement funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs under chapter 31 or 33.

 All fees and charges are subject to change at any time by the Board of Trustees.